What is SailorsFreedom?

SailorsFreedom follows Kay, a former U.S. Navy sailor as he lives on a boat at anchor….

Ok, technically he moored it, so it’s a boat at mooring, but I’ll bet a lot of the people who come to this website would not be too sure what just what a boat at anchor really means, much less a boat that is moored. about-kay

So, he lives out on the middle of the water. If Kay wants to step on to dry land he needs to swim or row his little butt some distance. He thinks it’s a feature. It’s certainly private and that is a good thing because:

He lives on his boat The Resurrection with Tam a nice little lady who arguably doesn’t really exist as she is entirely simulated in some stolen computer hardware on the boat and projected where only Kay can see her.

Oh, and if any number of people figure out that Kay has Tam, there is going to be trouble. Many people would consider her a threat, and she might agree with them. Some are convinced that the hardware that Tam lives in is their rightful property, and any software on the machine is theirs too thank you very much. Some will just wonder who Kay is talking to under his breath, but that happens all the time in and around San Francisco, so at least he won’t be in trouble there.about-tam

Oh, and there might be a ghost too. Maybe.


The current SailorsFreedom is direct descendant of an older version which was mostly color, much rougher, much less focused, but still enjoyed by many. That SailorsFreedom started as a way for me to just practice doing art digitally using a new Wacom tablet instead of actual paint or ink the way I used to do until I got crowded out by all of my unsold inventory. You can find some of that inventory by the way at Kirby-art.com. I have also kept the old comics available. Diligent readers of the old comic archive will notice that the story often does not make sense. This is because the New SailorsFreedom is SFW (Safe For Work) while the old one wasn’t. Because of the large number of comics that do not meet the SFW requirements I can only include about two-thirds of them.


Old comic – Flustered.


Old Comic – Wallpaper.

The events in the old comic are going to be still part of the history of the new comic. The events start about six months later. This means that if you have read the old comics you will have a little more understanding of the characters and events, but I am going to do my best to make reading the old comics not required to enjoy or understand anything.