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This is the first page of the new Sailors Freedom.

Page two is scheduled to be published on Wednesday November the 12th. Updates will be on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays after that. While I will try to keep a regular schedule I can only guarantee that the schedule will be kept in a book. However the first page of the next book will not go up until the whole book is finished. I have decided that quality is more important than deadlines. Mind you, the deadline is important, but if I have to set priorities or nothing is important. In short there might be a gab between books, but updates in a book will be regular.

Lots and lots of changes. First you will notice that it is black and white. This will give me the freedom to put in more detail that I was leaving out because of the complexity of coloring details. The color process that I was using required me to leave large blocks of space most of the time, or would take forever to color.

It’s also a cover. The new comic will come in 16 page installments. Each installment will be more or less self-contained with a cover and its own name AND will be available for download in its entirety on the day the cover is posted – for a small price. Some of you have asked that I put up a donate page (really not kidding here, people did ask for it, and I didn’t put one up , both hard to believe), well now you can support me and get something by buying the installment. You also have the option of buying a print of any page. Prints will be signed, and as they are signed on demand your print can be personalized. Or you can just wait for comics to post at the rate of three a week. There is no requirement to pay.

I really like the new format and I hope you do to.


↓ Transcript
Title: Sailors Freedom
Book One
Back to Anchor
Image shows a single picture of a Island Packet 35 sailboat with cutter rig with a simple plywood dingy on davits on the back. The sailboat is under sail with land in the background.