I remember the first time I sailed into San Francisco bay.

A little.

Mind you it was a big event. In some ways one of the biggest in my life. To understand why I have to tell you why I was sailing into the bay and how I got there. I was actually sailing my boat up to Seattle and never intended to even stop in San Francisco. I was going to skip along from Monterrey to Mendocino and avoid the high traffic and poor visibility that the entrance to the bay is famous for. However while about 120 miles off shore due west of the foggy city my boat started sinking and I high tailed it into the bay I was planning on avoiding.

Four days later I sailed into the bay and it was the first sunlight I had seen for 3 days. Since I was using celestial navigation ¬†and I had been in fog for three days in a sinking boat I was only kept from panic from sheer exhaustion. So while it was one of the biggest events of my life to sail to safety my reaction was something like “Yay. I’m saved. Now maybe I can sleep!”. While most of you haven’t had such an experience I am sure, just imagine getting to your dream vacation destination – after spending 3 days in a plane in 3rd class.

That’s about the attitude I was thinking Kay might have in this panel. Tam of course would be just as chipper as she always is. I doubt he would have found that very comforting.

↓ Transcript
Image shows a tired Kay and translucent Tam in the cockpit of an Island Packet 35 sailboat. Tam is visible only in Kay's glasses but appears to be steering.
Tam: One hundred fifty feet to go.
Kay: Very good. Find me a tennis ball in a haystack.
Tam: Active sensors are engaged.