It may be shown in some sort of flashback but I don’t know that I will ever get to that part of the story so I will explain some things here. Kay initially had a  completely different boat, and Tam effectively came to life for Kay on that boat (A Columbia 40). The one time Tam was not on either boat was when she was being transferred, but she had no awareness at the time so her argument that it didn’t count is pretty valid. I would have loved to put all that in the comic, but I am really trying to avoid long stretches of time where essentially nothing happens.

For those who want to know ALL the details, you can read these posts.

Of course this leaves me in a bit of a long-term quandary. My whole format is very strongly created with the intention of at least being able to create a hard copy version of this story. If I put too much in the special notes for those who are willing to read extra online, where am I going to put all that stuff in the printed version? Also, am I leaving out too much for those who buy the PDF book in advance? Those people are not just jumping the gun on the story, they are actively supporting me, and I shouldn’t be giving them a product that is defective in any way.

Maybe it’s enough if the information down here isn’t critical.

↓ Transcript
Scene starts in sailboat.
Kay: So how does that work?
Tam: Put that card in a phone, and I'll be able to use the phone to join you.
Kay: I thought that was too risky.
Tam: It's going to pretend it's a different phone every minute. I calculate it's safe.
Scene moves outside, Kay is locking the boat.
Kay: Are you sure-
Tam: I want to get off the boat.
Kay: You've been off.
Tam: That time didn't count.
Kay: OK.
Scene moves, Kay is in a dingy behind the sailboat, Tam leans out the back.
Tam: There is a cell phone store with a suitable phone for forty-three dollars 1.2 miles south on Bridgeway. Can you go there first?
Kay: In a hurry?
Tam: Yes.