An almost calm page after the last one, which was a little tough to coordinate since the pages will be on the same spread when in book form. This one makes is a little clear that Tam’s understanding of money and time is a bit off from that of most people.

When I want to get some photos of a particular city the google street view is a wonderful tool for getting a feel of how building and the town looks. It does have a defect in that pictures are never taken from the sidewalk. (for obvious reasons) This means that I can’t get reference photos of Sausalito city streets from a pedestrians point of view. I also find it amazing how almost every tourist and photographer takes exactly the same photos as everyone else. Want various viewpoints of Clipper maria? Tough, you’re getting a view from the North with San Francisco in the background and you’re getting a dozen versions of it.

Thank goodness for google street view for taking the ‘boring’ photos that I can actually get some information out of.

And no, I can’t make it up. I like there to be a certain amount a reality and accuracy in my drawings which only comes from reference.

↓ Transcript
Scene shows three panels of Kay and Tam talking.
Kay: WHAT?!
Kay: You made a quarter of a million dollars in... twenty five minutes!?
Tam: No.
Tam: It will be at least four more minutes before I reach a quarter million.