I always find it somewhat annoying when the characters I am following do actions that make no sense to me. Like female fantasy heroes going into battle with 10 percent of their body covered (or less!), or our sharp capable hero tackling the objective in the most complicated and difficult method imaginable with no¬†explanation of why. I mean, cover up lady! you’re going to get hurt out there, and My god man, use the front door!

So in this panel I am trying to answer the question of why, if Tam needs power, isn’t she using the effectively limitless supply of Pacific Gas and Electric – though I guess Sausalito is using Marin Clean Power now. Either way, why build a reactor man?! Get an extension cord! But no, they are being looked for, or at least she is, and in the digital world odd power usage is not that hard to track down.

I find myself smiling slightly every time I read about Tam blithely saying “60% of your maximum load for the one mile distance”. People aren’t really that measurable. Sure, he could carry it, but want to?

Oh, and Kay went into Bridgeway Burgers for lunch. It’s the place to go. It’s the definition of hole-in-the-wall, I have seen closets with more floor space, but the burgers are really super¬†good, and I don’t even like burgers. If you can’t read the address its 737 Bridgeway, Sausalito California, and yes I am really really solidly grounding my story in real locations.

↓ Transcript
Scene has Kay and Tam walking out of Bridgeway Hamburgers.
Kay: Why do you want to build a fusion reactor?
Tam: The current constraint on production speed for the assemblers is power, with my proposed power upgrade I could make your new glasses in nine hours instead of three weeks.
Kay: Well then, should we get a slip and just get some shore power?
Tam: My power usage would be difficult to disguise and such a course of action would make it easy for George to find me.
Kay: Well, now that we are close to shore you can start using the main engine as a generator.
Tam: I have been doing so, the next item on your list is fifteen gallons of diesel fuel.
Kay: How much does that weigh?
Tam: approximately one hundred and five pounds. I calculate that is only 60% of your max load for the one mile distance.