Another real location, the only gas station that most people consider to be in the town of Sausalito. There really isn’t room for another. On the other hand, there are several places where boats can get gas. It probably says something about the town that there are more places where boats can fuel up then cars. Of course the boats usually have to pay an extra dollar or more a gallon, so if your going to sell to a market, sell to the boats and actually make some money.

I’m totally with Kay on the amount of fuel question. Diesel fuel is about 7 pounds a gallon (its slightly lighter than water so the ‘pint a pound’ mantra doesn’t quite apply) and that makes each one of those can about 35 pounds when full. Sure, that’s nothing in the Gym, but carrying it at the end of your arm for a mile and your going to find that your joints aren’t fitting together¬†¬†right anymore at the end of your walk. I mean he could carry a hundred pounds in each hand for a mile like Tam estimated last comic, but he wouldn’t be doing anything at all the next day, and maybe not the next week.

On the drawing, I initially had a more complete background in the lower panel, but I found that the characters were getting lost, so I just made most of it go away.


↓ Transcript
Scene starts with them walking up to a gas station.
Kay: Is there some sort of hurry with production?
Tam: Yes. The discovery of our deception is nearly certain in the long term.
Kay: I would like to hear your reasoning on that, but how can quicker production solve us getting caught?
Tam: If I can re-create the necessary hardware then it will not matter if the hardware we have is confiscated or destroyed as I will be able to create a viable backup.
Scene moves to in front of a gas pump filling two 5 gallons gas cans.
Kay: Your only getting ten gallons today by the way.
Tam: Understood.
Kay: Are you close? Can you make the hardware yet?
Tam: Not yet.