I have been working on the planning for the next 16 page book. I don’t even have a title yet, but I do have a rough outline. I also have a plan for a few of the panel/pages. Today I have been completely derailed by the death of my cat. This is actually the one of several pet deaths we have had in the last few years including two other cats, and two gerbils. This cat snuffles was special though. He was born in the backyard of our old house a few weeks before the birth of our daughter. He was always the most social of the litter and when we fostered out the kittens we kept him. He was always just about the perfect little kitty. Perfectly friendly with anyone who came into the house, and even friendly at the vets. Managed to get along with any and all cats who came into the house, even when those cats were determined not to get along with anyone or anything. Yet we when he went outside he was always very cautious because he had been trained by his stray mom how to behave outside and I didn’t have to worry about getting hurt, lost, or run over by a car. Over the last year he had slowly gotten completely blind because of complications of kidney disease. Even then he was completely un-afraid inside and completely capable outside. Kidney failure finally went to far this weekend, and I had to take him for his final vet visit this morning. I find myself much more mentally and emotionally hit then I ever expected. His passing was not a surprise as kidney failure only ever goes one way, but he was just a very special part of the family.

I hope I will be back in the groove in time to still make my next deadline and have book 2 ready on time.