I gave up on getting the navigation of the mirrored old comic working. I have too much to do trying to meet my deadline to complete book one. It’s going to be tough, 6 days and 5 pages to go! I didn’t get much done over the Halloween weekend, at least not on the comic.

Anyway, I used a utility that Frumph includes with comic easel to import the images and title of the old comics that are SFW. I am not entirely happy as it doesn’t include the commentary that I created when I posted each comic, and doesn’t include the reader commentary. However that information is not permanently lost, it just isn’t available right now. Eventually I will either figure out how to add that information to the imported comics, or figure out how to get the transported old site working. It will be well after book 1 start date though.

Now the ‘comic’ and ‘old comic’ links above work. I figured that having working navigation was a critical feature for my launch date.