This is broadly what the new SailorsFreedom will look like. I still have some significant changes to make in the details but I am pretty confident about the framework. Real updates are scheduled to start on November 10th, but you will probably have some blog posts from me in the meantime, and you can start commenting on new stuff right now if you want to.

I finally decided to stop riding my own entirely home-made jalopy welded out of scrap and bought a used car off the lot in the form of WordPress /Comic Press / Comic Easel. Actually it’s not a used car and the system is very customisable. Critically WordPress¬†is allowing for a whole lot of stuff that I just didn’t have the time to write on my own. I had to decide if I was making this website because I wanted to program or because I wanted to draw. Programming can be fun, but it was becoming a chore that got in the way of making good artwork. So here is the new site and I hope you guys like it as much as I do, or at least that it doesn’t get in your way which is all I can really ask of an interface.