This is a different boat than the one that Tam and Kay started out with. Some features are gone, but they have added a few.

Keen observers will notice that I am putting a bit more detail into the interior than I used to. Kay picked an Island Packet 35 for a lot of reasons. It’s a much better cruising sailor than the Columbia 40 he had with a better underway layout and better sea berths. Another major feature is that it is very well photographed and I am able to find reference photos for every single aspect of this particular boat from a large number of angles. Totally a critical feature for the sailor who is going to be rendered in a comic. The lack of interior reference for the Columbia 40 left me trying to make up a fair amount of stuff which took tremendous effort with dubious results. I much prefer accuracy. The second half of this page takes place in the fore cabin, which has sacrificed its beds for Tam’s production facilities. Those will be described more later.

↓ Transcript
Scene is the interior of the sailboat.
Kay: Going ashore, what have you got for me?
Tam: Chamber three is complete.
Kay: What's with you starting to try to surprise me
Kay: A SIM card?!
Kay: You spent two whole days making just one sim card?
Tam: You should find it useful.
Kay: What? Does it make calls for me?
Tam: Yes.