A fuser is actually a fusion reactor that you can make at home. High school students have done it. Unfortunately it requires that you put in a lot more power then you get out, because most of the hydrogen that you heat up is wasted. It’s actually a really slick device, the ‘heat’ in this instance is just the hydrogen ion moving really fast as its accelerated in an electric field. The fusion is then kinetically contained, which is a fancy way of saying that the particles hit each-other.  My theory here is that if Tam creates the ions in quantum coupled pairs then even though she can’t be exactly certain where they are exactly, she can manipulate them so that they reach the same point at the same time with enough energy that they would probably fuse. Making quantum couple pairs of hydrogen ions would actually be fairly easy, as they tend to bond in pairs. Anyway, that’s my story and I am sticking with it, for now. There are some elements I will add later.

He is actually shopping for  a lot more than just magnets. However most of the shopping list consisted of materials that Tam could cannibalize for their constituent components, and I balked at the idea of illustrating that in depth. It would have led to a long digression of exactly what all that material was for, and I wanted to keep this first book fairly tight.

If you want to find out more about the fuser, Wikipedia is most certainly going to be your friend.

↓ Transcript
Scene is inside the hardware store.
Kay: Your going to make a fusion reactor on my boat?
Tam: I have already done some initial testing small scale using a modified fuser design.
Kay: I thought that wasn't efficient due to ions hitting the electrode instead of each other.
Tam: Yes, but if I create the ions in quantum couple pairs I have managed to increase the collision percentage to 82%.
Kay: What about neutron radiation?
Tam: I am capturing the neutrons with lithium and re-using the resulting tritium to do helium three fusion. Final radioactive products are negligible.
Tam and Kay move to the checkout counter.
Sales Lady: So, what are you doing with all this stuff then?
Kay: It's a science project.